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Limited-Edition Collectible Supports Johnny Cash Trail Art Experience

Own a Piece of History!

The City of Folsom is celebrating the connection between Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison, and the Folsom community with a unique collectible that features a limited-edition license plate and photo of Johnny Cash taken in front of Folsom Prison. Proceeds from the sale of the collectible will help fund “Cash’s Pick,” the first two public art installments along the Johnny Cash Trail.

Together with the John R. Cash Revocable Trust, the City of Folsom, and California Prison Industry Authority, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has authorized 100 of these license plates to be made in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Cash’s live performance at Folsom State Prison.

The collectible “JCASH50” license plate is a California legacy plate; a black plate with yellow lettering like the ones issued from 1963 to 1969. The license plate is framed along with a picture of Johnny Cash standing in front of Folsom Prison’s east gate, taken by Dan Poush on January 13, 1968 – the day of Cash’s performance.

Own a piece of history! Purchase your limited-edition collectible and learn more about the Johnny Cash Trail Art Experience.